What is Fine Art School Photography?

Fine Art School Photography is unique, natural school photography that captures the child’s authentic self. The focus is on the child’s natural expressions and the life that shines through his/her eyes. No forced smiles, awkward poses, or fake backgrounds – just a relaxed, fun experience for each child that lets his/her true character come out.  The resulting images are artistic, timeless, true to each child, and beautiful, and will be treasured by parents.

What services do you provide?

I provide all the services that large photography studios provide.  However, as I only work with a few select schools, you can expect exceptional personal service, artistry, and professionalism.  I bring in all my own equipment and need minimal space to work.

All orders are handled online.  I provide password-protected online galleries, organized by class, to parents within 2 weeks of picture day. Each child will have at least 2-5 poses in both color and black and white. Parents can choose the poses they prefer and order prints, custom canvas, or digital downloads right from their online galleries.  No order forms or checks for the school to deal with or harass parents for!

I provide a detailed information sheet for parents to the school to distribute before picture day.  I handle all communications with parents regarding what to wear, proofs, and ordering.  I provide galleries to parents within 2 weeks of picture day, and prints are delivered to the school for distribution within 3 weeks of the close of ordering.


What is your pricing?

There is no minimum order.  I offer a variety of collections and a la carte print options for families.  Parents can also order digital downloads of individual images or of all the images.  Collections are $16-$25 each and all orders receive a free 5×7 class photo.

What does the school receive?

After all ordering has been completed, the school will receive all of the images to use as they would like on their website, for decor, for promotional materials, yearbooks, etc.

I provide complimentary head shots to all staff if requested.  Those head shots are provided via digital download.

The school will also receive a donation of 10% of all profits.

What time of year is appropriate for fine art school photography?

Any time!  I work with schools at any time during the school year, from September through May.